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Guided mountain bike tours in Valais

How do you roll with us

With us you roll over every stone on the best single trails in this uniquely beautiful mountain region. We offer tours for everyone: beginners, experienced bikers, adrenaline junkies, connoisseurs or endurance athletes.

our advantages


This region is our home, we know our way around here very well. We know which trails are best to ride, for whom and when. We not only know the trails, but also the mountains and villages around us. So you don't have to read any maps and if you have any questions about the region, we will know.

Certified guides

Our tours are exclusively led by certified Swiss Cycling mountain bike guides. We continue to educate ourselves and offer you a safe and beautiful experience.

Well looked after

In the event of a breakdown, we have everything with us and make sure that you can continue rolling again as quickly as possible. We know the dangerous spots and can point them out in advance. We minimize every risk. If a fall does occur, we provide professional first aid.

After-work tours

Free yourself from your stressful (work) day on our after-work tours. Roll with us over ingenious single trails and get to know other mountain bike enthusiasts. Look forward to the evening instead of the weekend.


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"It's a Long Way to the Top (If you wanna Roll on Rocks ;-))"

ACDC (modified by Roll on Rocks)


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on all after-work tours
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